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About Us

 We are real human beings behind the screen. Therefore we treat you, the best way possible. Imagine it as a small town shop, with everything you need and a bit more.

We are a small team, we love bags. We put all our effort to find the best offer for you directly from the manufacturers of the brand bags. So the number of products we have will be limited, but the price will be lower. Therefore you can be 100% sure, that all products in our shop is Original designer work.
We are hand pick our sortiment from different brands, to offer you wide selection of well know designers. But at the same time you will find something unusual, unseen, something special. As we will continiously update our sortiment, with not only already well known brands but also with unique collections, limited edition products. You will get more information about those from our blog and social media. So don't miss a post!
 Happy shopping :)


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